Thanks for your support!

We obviously don’t update this blog often but we do see your comments and appreciate your support and hearing your stories.  Thank you to all our listeners!

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Episode 12 is up!

Hey everyone,

It took us longer than we would have liked to get your podcast back up on itunes and put together a new episode, but we’ve finally done it.  There was a lot to catch up on, so check out Episode 12 on itunes or search for us on podomatic!



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Episode 11: Visits

Having trouble getting the player imbedded like I used to, so for now this will have to do.  Or get the new episode on itunes!

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Episode 10 – Catching Up

Long overdue, here it is….

Our Microphone set-up

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We Know We’re Overdue for a New Episode…..

I confess not podcasting since late October has been somewhat intentional.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks since our last episode, due to a combination of factors.  As a result, Mary and I have been making a very focused effort on taking care of the kids and each other.  We rejoice in how much progress Leeland has made since joining our family but he remains very challenging, and the other boys each add their own mixture of highlights and difficulties on a daily basis.

A perfect example would be the other day, when in a moment of great frustration, Ezra (2 years old) yelled at Mary, “When I grow and and become a mommy or a daddy, I’M going to keep an eye on YOU!”

For anyone who questions if God has a sense of humor, consider that exhibit A.

Overall, we are hanging in there, and I was able to turn Veteran’s Day into a 4 day weekend which I think helped everyone in the family.  We’re still excited about doing to podcast and sharing our foster parenting journey with you, so we apologize that it has recently been put on the back-burner.  We’ve started talking about our next episode, so hopefully that will materialize soon, but in the mean time, we appreciate your patience!

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Episode 9 – Court Hearing

Just uploaded Episode 9 to podomatic but can’t imbed it into this post (yet).  As promised, we talk about Mary’s first experience with a foster child court hearing.  Will embed the episode here tomorrow, but right now its time for bed!  Should show up in itunes in a day or so as well.

Here’s  a link to the article we reference during the episode:

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