Episode 9 – Court Hearing

Just uploaded Episode 9 to podomatic but can’t imbed it into this post (yet).  As promised, we talk about Mary’s first experience with a foster child court hearing.  Will embed the episode here tomorrow, but right now its time for bed!  Should show up in itunes in a day or so as well.

Here’s  a link to the article we reference during the episode:



About ourfosterparentingexperience

We recently became foster parents and want to share our experience with friends, family, and anyone else who is interested.
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2 Responses to Episode 9 – Court Hearing

  1. Hi,
    We found out about your podcast from Tim and Wendy, and we’re loving your updates! We’re praying all continues to go well with Leland, and looking forward to staying in touch!
    Feel free to check out our podcast and follow our foster-to-adopt journey if you’d like.

    In Christ, Andy and Miranda

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