We Were Going to Podcast Tonight….

But Mark is losing his voice!  What’s funny is that it’s becoming an annual tradition for Mark to lose his voice around this time of year.  3 years ago it happened on the night of his 10 year high school reunion, and 2 years ago it happened the same day as a work dinner event.  Last year it fortunately did not coincide with any major event.

We hope this will pass quickly so we can update everyone on how things are going with Leeland and what happened at the court hearing last week.  For now, we’ll leave you with this link to an article about increased attention being given to foster children in our school systems:


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Flu Season is Upon Us

As you might recall from our last podcast Mary was sick last weekend from an apparent case of food poisoning.

Earlier this week Ethan came down with a high fever and spent several days on the couch.  As you might expect, the day he started feeling better Leeland woke up from a late nap burning up.  And then this morning Ezra woke up with a fever, and Leeland’s body was covered with a rash.

We were disappointed because Leeland had a scheduled visit with his mom today which of course we hand to cancel.  It makes me sad that his mom only gets to see him every 2 weeks, and when things like illness come up, she can go a month without seeing her son (depending on when the make up date will be).  Obviously she’d get to see Leeland every day if she had made better choices, thus why he’s in foster care, but it’s still sad.  I can’t imagine how difficult that would be….

The boys being sick reminds me of something funny that happened a couple months back.  Mary had just returned home from some errands and I handed Leeland to her, explaining that he was running a fever.  Putting a hand to his forehead, she exclaimed, “Leeland, you’re on fire!”  Ethan, with his big brown eyes and the purest sincerity that only a child can muster, looked up with alarm and said, “Stop, drop, and roll, Leeland!”

We were thrilled to learn he had been paying attention at preschool during fire prevention and safety week.

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Episode 5 Reposted

Some of you will remember that Episode 5 had some low volume issues.  I recently discovered another means of tweaking the volume so I’ve reposted the episode, as well as updated the original posting.


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Episode 8 – He’s Definitely Attached

Things were going really well with Leeland until a busy weekend showed us just how attached and dependent on us he has become for his sense of stability. We talk about what we learned through this experience and what we could have done better. We also introduce a couple new segments to the show that we hope will be recurring in future episodes.

Here’s the link to the full article by David Platt from which a portion is read in this episode:


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Our Bear Hunt

Boys walking with Mary

One of the boys favorite books right now is “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt”.  I should clarify that I mean E & E; it’s a rare occasion for Leeland to sit still long enough to get through even a 4 page picture book right now, but I digress.  Working off that theme, E & E have been asking recently if we could go on a hear hunt.  So this morning we headed over to a local park with some nature bingo cards in hand to see what we could find.

Ezra with his nature bingo card and walking stick

The nature bingo cards were a good idea.  Telling the boys we were on a bear hunt was not.  Ethan kept telling us he was scared, and after some coaxing, revealed that his anxiety was about actually finding a bear, naturally.  Despite our best efforts to explain that Ezra by himself was making enough noise to scare away all the wildlife in a wide radius of where were were, that logic was lost on our 5 year old.  And just in case anyone actually thinks we were looking for a bear

E & E

There were enough intermittent periods of distraction for Ethan where he did enjoy collecting sticks and leaves or climbing on rocks with his brothers.  Their excitement over a red leaf or a stick in a particular shape reminded me that labeling a walk through the woods as a “Bear Hunt” was creating unnecessary drama for 3 boys age 5 and under.  Walking through the woods was adventurous enough.  Now Ethan and I are enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon of legos while everyone else is napping.  Which reminds me, I need to get back to building.

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Episode 7 – WIC Checks & Hayrides

I’m never sure what to write in regards to each episode because I feel like I’m “giving away” the main points.  Maybe that’s inevitable, so here we go:

  • Update on Leeland’s visiting schedule with his parents.
  • Our struggles with not speculating about Leeland’s future.
  • Mary’s experience with WIC checks.
  • Our first foster parenting association get-together.

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Curiosity about our listener base…

We discovered Tim & Wendy’s podcast while going through training to become foster parents.  What about you?  What is your current status?  It would be interesting to know and helpful in how we approach future episodes.  Participation is greatly appreciated!

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